A Start-up’s Guide to Office Space

So, now that we’ve moved into the Google Canada Headquarters we’re pros in the art of office decor! Not only are we going to give you tips on decorating your new office space; but you’re going to learn how to create a highly efficient, unique and personalized space for your start up!

Before the Move
It always seems like a big step when your start-up moves from it’s humble beginnings and into its first official office; it’s also a major opportunity for you and your team. A new workspace is your chance to start fresh and renew your perspective.

Although this move is something you may (or may not) be looking forward to–it’s important to remember that the key to success is planning and keeping organized. There are many resources out there to help you move, but we’ve included a few of the the basic thing you need to think about:

  • Draft a scaled layout of your new office (including areas where employees will relax, eat and conduct meetings)
  • Ensure your building has the things you need like parking, accessible entrances and restaurants or other amenities nearby
  • Check the amount of lead time you need to call the moving service, if you have a large number of items to transport.
  • Assess the amount of time you think you may need to set up the new office
  • Plan for the need possible to expand in the future
  • Make sure you have pre-ordered all the furniture or appliances you need
  • See how the building management works in regards to maintenance, security, and 24/7 access
  • Most important– Install secure internet, vpn and phone lines–all prior to the move in date!

Balancing it All
Moving into a new office can be a balancing act, the most important thing to remember about your move is that it’s a perfect opportunity is to delegate tasks to everyone (PLEASE–never try to do the entire process on your own). Your key goal revolves around meeting your team’s requirements and ensuring that everyone is able to adapt and excel in this new environment. And remember, always plan for some downtime, even if you don’t expect any.

If you are purchasing furniture or using what you have, make sure to maximize your work space by trying to use it efficiently. Open spaces tend to be the best for workplaces, but they may also add conflict when it comes to reducing noise. There are many simple and efficient fixes to any issues, and the best way to solve it is to do your research.

The Move
Invite your co-workers over for a moving day party! Get everyone to help move the furniture (that you pre-ordered, or that is available in the space) and help set up their office spaces. It’s important to plan out where key members will be sitting, so assign these offices with sticky notes or something similar. Make this experience fun, order pizza and have music available.

The Adjustment Process
Adjusting to a new space is something that is to be expected. You may feel awkward having to map out your drive, explore the neighbourhood, check out the local amenities and restaurants, meet your neighbours.

The Final Product
So you’ve done it. After months of planning and creating, you have worked hard to produce an amazing product … your new office. This is just the beginning, your new workspace will offer a new way to get things done.

Breathing Out and Checking In
Although all the hard work is done, its always important to check in with your employees for any concerns or suggestions. In an office move, it’s impossible to anticipate every concern or issue; however, you can always work to resolve issues that come up.


Take a look at some of these amazing office spaces around the world for inspiration:

[Image Source: Emlii]

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