StyleID has Arrived!

StyleID, a brand new mobile app that enables users to purchase items featured in their favourite television shows, in now in beta. Situated in their new office, based in the Canadian Google Headquarters, StyleID is fast on it’s way to becoming the number one entertainment app.

We’re the only app on the market that can show you the exact item that everyone is wearing,” said Co-founder Sarah Juma. “We’ve been working hard to develop an extremely progressive database that works with costume designers, production companies and wardrobe departments to ensure we have real-time results–so when you’re watching a show live, you can see and purchase the items that each character is wearing!

Although StyleID sounds like a simple concept, it has taken co-founder’s Sarah Juma and Rachel Nicole almost two years to prepare for their launch.

The mobile app industry is flooded with great ideas, but it takes passion and persistence to achieve your goals.” said Rachel Nicole. “As woman in business, there’s always going to be barriers, but with our team of experts, the support of Google and our passion for fashion, we’re excited for the future.

StyleID will be available for download on June 26, 2014.

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