Selfie: For the Love of Tights!

One of the things I love most about the fall is that the weather is perfect for a cute pair of tights.

They can add a pop of color a flash of flair and have the ability to pull an entire outfit together.

Eliza Dooley is the perfect example of how to wear tights in style. She pushes the limit while wearing with confidence.

Check out some of the looks Eliza rocked season one of Selfie.

  1. Dot Tights by Falke ($45) – View
  2. Superstar Tights by Pretty Polly ($25) – View
  3. Paris Skyline TIghts by Pamela Mann ($15) – View
  4.  Hue Sheer Dots with Control Top Tights ($7) – View

A lot of the tights seen on Selfie are now on sale, so get em while they’re hot!

Once you’ve purchased your gorgeous Selfie tights,  want to know how you can get maximum wear? Check out some tips below:

  1.  Remove jewelry before putting on and removing
  2. Trim your finger and toe nails
  3. Keep your leg’s and heel’s moisturized
  4. If you do get a run, use nail polish to put a stop to it
  5. Hand wash and store in a draw that doesn’t snag them

Even though Selfie was cancelled, her tights shall live on! Download the StyleID app so as you binge watch you can check out all of Eliza’s fashionable outfits!

❤ Stay Stylish

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