Vampire Diaries Style Guide

Do you dress Down to Earth like the cast of Vampire Diaries?

Vampire Diaries’ Costume Designer, Leigh Leverett, creates amazing looks that convey a down to earth and classic style on each episode!

Chances are you stray away from fussy fashion. Your clothes are softly tailored, loose with a bit of structure. You like layering because it’s easy and effortless. Although you may be drawn to classic fashion, you prefer to wear it in a relaxed way.

Want to find out more about the items featured on Vampire Diaries? Download the StyleID app to find and identify clothing worn on each episode of the show!

We’ve also complied a list of our favourite items featured in the photo below.

  1. Harrow Bootie by Rag & Bone – S6 E7 (View)
  2. Spiked Drusy Earrings by Peggy Li – S6 E4 (View)
  3. Yasminka Dress by BCBGMAZRIA – S6 E7 (View)
  4. Tunic – Peace and Arrow by Free People – S6 E2 (View)
  5. Shrunken Double-Cloth Snap-Down Shirt  by BDG – S6 E7 (View)
  6. Denim Peplum Jacket by Rebecca Taylor – S6 E6 (View)
  7. Strapless Knit Fit & Flare Dress by Pins & Needles – S6 E5 (View)
  8. Aruna Tank by Joie – S6 E1 (View)



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