Style Guru: Eric Daman

To celebrate the home release of The Duff, Entertainment One and StyleID are giving away an exclusive New York shopping spree with, Style Guru, Eric Daman. Best known for this work on Sex and the City, Gossip Girl and Carrie Diaries, we sat down with Eric to get the scoop on his inspiration for our favorite high school style icons in The Duff.

How would you describe your personal style?
ED: Parisian WASP with an urban downtown twist.

What group would you have belonged to in high school?
ED:  I was def more of an “Elitist” back then. I really wanted to be “Heather Red” (the main meany in the cult teen movie classic Heathers.)

What advice can you give teens who are moving through high school trying to find their personal style?
ED: Experiment, be inspired, don’t get caught up in social labels or boxed in. Be confident and mostly just have fun and don’t take yourself or your style too seriously

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Who was your favorite character to style on The Duff?
ED: They were all SOO Fab and different to dress  I loved designing for all of them equally as an ensemble. From Bianca’s grungy cool to Madison’s bad girl bad a** fashion  each of the girls characters and styles were so different and so exciting to create. I loved Jess’s boho high school zen just as much as Caseys urban Dj athletica! I loved all 4!

*We are assuming that Eric designed Bianca’s prom dress* – Can we expect an Eric Daman clothing line in the future? Possible inspired by a favorite character from Gossip Girl, Carrie Diaries or The Duff?
ED: I did design her dress (it was actually a mash up of a Betsey Johnson and Theyskins theory put together!)  I actually did a line of prom dresses for Charlotte Russe during Goaaip Girl that was pretty successful and so much fun to do! I wish we could have done a “Carrie” line but alas the show was too short lived.  There will definitely be an Eric Daman  collection or collab in the future

Who is your dream actor to style
ED: I feel pretty lucky with all the dreamy actors I have gotten to style this far and look forward to the delightful surprises in my future!

What was his inspiration for each character in the duff.
ED: Bianca- wanted her to have a cool 90s grunge appeal but not feel too stylized. Ty from Clueless and Angela Chase in my so called life Madison was the ultimate mean girl and I wanted her to feel like a real bad a** inspired by Cara Delivingne.
Jess was totally inspired by Serena van der Woodson Casey hip urban athletica look inspired by Dj duo Rebecca and Fiona crossed with early Aaliyah.

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