Scandal Fashion: Olivia Pope Coat Countdown

Since it’s officially spring let’s take a look back on some of our favourite winter fashion from this season of Scandal!

Number 5: MaxMara Wrap Coat worn season 5 episode 14 of Scandal–seen above (shop here)

We are loving this blast of colour that costume designer Lyn Paolo has injected into Olivia’s wardrobe in season 5. Lyn explains Olivia’s new look to EW in this article “She’s always been powerful, and she’s always been able to express her power in very subtle ways … and when they see these bright colors people should know: this is a new human. She is even more driven, even more determined, and she is going to do whatever it takes for Olivia Pope to survive.”

Number 4: Christian Dior Peplum Coat worn on season 5 episode 3 of Scandal

olivia pope in black jacket with large white colar

This classic Olivia Pope colour scheme mixed with this dramatic cut is exactly why we can’t get enough ofthe fashion from Scandal!

Number 3: Salvatore Ferragamo Wool Jacquard Coat worn by Olivia Pope season 5 episode 13 (shop here)

olivia pope in square yellow, white and black coat

We love the geometric print of this Salvatore Ferragamo coat not to mention the amazing pairing of the Narciso Rodriguez dress during this episode.

Number 2: Max Mara ‘Visone’ Reversible Wool & Angora Wrap Coat worn on Season 5 episode 5 (shop here)

Olivia pope in light grey wool jacket

Forget about the white hat of OPA! We will take this Max Mara white wrap coat any day.

Number 1: Vivienne Westwood Wool Blend Tweed Belted Coat worn on season 5 episode 1 (here)

olivia poop in belted wrapped tweed jacket black and grey

In true Olivia Pope fashion this Vivienne Westwood coat is the perfect blend of classic and modern. Taking a classic tweed print and mixing in an unexpected cut and belt.

Tell us what you think of this Olivia Pope Coat Countdown and what you would like to see in the future!

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