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Our Team

  • Testimonial

    Sarah Juma

    Cofounder | Business Development

    About Sarah Juma

    Always optimistic and up for a challenge, it’s refreshing to have Sarah on your team. She genuinely loves to work and takes great pride in all of the projects she is involved in. Armed with passion, knowledge and confidence Sarah will navigate StyleID through the complex world of marketing and branding. Sarah has a background in music/entertainment, marketing and brand management.

  • Testimonial

    Rachel Nicole

    Cofounder | Branding + PR

    About Rachel Nicole

    Working within the communications industry for several years has allowed Rachel to gain a variety of skills. With a growing interest into new technology, Rachel understands the importance of innovative communication and digital trends. Rachel has a Public Relations diploma from Humber College and a Masters degree from Griffith University in Arts & Multimedia.